Comparing the Keenz 7s to Big Box wagons

Many of us are skeptics. When we see a product as great as the Keenz 7s, our first thought may be, “I wonder if this product is as great as advertised?” In the case of your Keenz 7s Stoller Wagon, the job of comparing the 7s to the Big Box brands has already been done for you!

The 7s comes with a built in curtain and includes a canopy which is easily stored within the 7s itself. This canopy and curtain keeps your children out of the sun on those hot days that are still beautiful enough to visit a park. Parents are often forced to change diapers out in the open when restrooms aren’t available. The issue of privacy is solved with the canopy and curtain that comes with the Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon.

Brakes, while common on strollers, don’t accompany many of the Big Box wagons available today. The Keenz 7s has a One Step On/Off Brake, allowing you to quickly and easily apply those breaks without having to adjust multiple wheels to get the stroller or wagon to stop. The 7s also has two 5-Point Safety Harnesses on each side of the stroller wagon, one of the key features that awarded the Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon placement in the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association Certification Program (JPMA).

The dual handle design is another feature unique to the Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon. Not only can you maneuver the 7s from either side, the handles themselves are adjustable. Shorten or lengthen the handles to fit your specific requirements.

The 7s also has a spring suspension system on all four wheels, making the stroller wagon feel like its gliding rather than rolling on the ground. This make the 7s easier to push and control and it gives the children strapped inside a more comfortable ride. Don’t forget about the All-Terrain tires that come with the 7s.

The list continues, but it’s easy to see the Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon is an all-around superior product when compared to its competition. Its versatility and compatibility make it one of a kind. See our full comparison chart below!




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